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Coldwater Technology started in May 2006, while traveling through the Canadian Rockies the founders knew there was a better way to use technology to assist companies in achieving operational efficiencies and get critical information to manage their business. The first goal was to create applications allowing management to track the electronic pulse of their company with Key Performance Indicators and enhancing integration of CAD to back-end business systems.

Today Coldwater Technology excels in high quality, modular software applications and custom solutions to improve process efficiency for manufacturers, fabricators and durable goods distribution networks. The Company strives for ever increasing quality of information in real-time for customers to make rapid, informed decisions about their business.

Company Timeline

In the year 2006...

Coldwater Technology is founded in May 2006 by President, Mike Zahnow.

Coldwater Technology deployed CAD Parser as a plug-in based software utility allowing AutoCAD® drawings to be seamlessly integrated to the back-end business system through advanced web pages. CAD Parser allows the user to enter the design, scan the design and the area of numbers with associated quantities are rendered onto a web page. Color coding allows the drafting or engineering department to quickly determine if parts are in inventory or need to be created. After all parts are validated a one-click event creates the BoM (Bill of Materials) in the business system.

Quickly in the development cycle, Coldwater Technology launched the B-Metrics decision support application. This application takes Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and updates information in real-time for various metrics including daily bookings, invoicing, collections and various statistics on customers and products.

In addition to new bolt on application enhancements, the CApps application begins to take shape in the form of enhanced production planning tools as well as material requisitions and release to purchasing.

In the year 2007...

The development of CApps applications continued to evolve with extensible modules for MRP which include enhanced requisitioning and integration to purchasing.

Inventory Control module is added to the CApps application, allowing for the ability to track inventory in real-time with visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment.

Production Order Processing is added to the CApps application allowing the creation of work orders and issuing materials and labor.

In the year 2008...

The following modules are added to the CApps application: MRP Extract, Non-Conformance Reporting, full Materials Requisitioning andPpurchasing with Quality Control, as well as Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR). These were an enhancement to Coldwater Technology applications to integrate within your existing enterprise operation.

The B-Metrics application gets updated. Updates include customizable key performance indicator (KPI) reports and an array of analytical business insights constructed to maximize your business efficiency and productivity.

Proposal Manager (v1) is implemented allowing for configuration of products and processing of quotations. This sales and marketing tool allows companies to control the exact content of their products and managing the quote life cycle, analyzing quotes sent, quotes won and overall performance tracking.

In the year 2009...

The B-Metrics application gets updated. Updates include enhanced reporting and additional sales analysis tools to span multiple years.

Development begins on Proposal Manager (v2), with the enhancements of all functions deployed in MS SQL Server and .Net 3.5. This enhanced module empowers a company's sales department to effectively and accurately submit request for proposals (RFP) to potential clients.

The following modules are added to the CApps application:

  • Proposal Manager (v2)
  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Work In Process
  • Material Planning
  • Requisitioning
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Control with Non-Conformance Reporting

Development begins on a new version (R11) of the CApps application, Coldwater's flagship Manufacturing Execution System with deployment expected in late 2011.

In the year 2010...

Coldwater Technology integrates the CApps application with Microsoft Great Plains SL back-end accounting system.

CAD Parser gets some new added enhancements that include embedding logic within AutoCAD® to speed up processing.

Coldwater Technology announces it is officially an AutoDesk® Authorized Developer and a member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN).

In the year 2011...

Development is completed on the new version (R11) of the CApps application and is successfully deployed with the following updated modules:

  • Proposal Manager (v2)
  • Inventory Control
  • Bill of Material Processor
  • Work in Process
  • Labor Reporting
  • Production Scheduling
  • Order Processing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchasing
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Integration to back-end accounting

Development begins on an updated version of the Proposal Manager application (v3), with enhancements that include new back end source code, refreshed user experience, updated user interface layout and added reporting capabilities.

In the year 2012...

Design & development begins on the new Q-Scan Android mobile application, a workforce management and data collection mobile application, to empower companies to manage their workforce in real-time while streamlining data and shop floor operations.

Development begins on the new Report Builder, a robust reporting tool designed to give companies visibility of virtually any kind of database data and is configurable based on a company's specific needs.

Development begins on a new version of CAD Parser, a lightweight software utility that extracts bill of materials (BoM) data from AutoCAD® drawings which can be imported into a company's existing MRP or ERP software platform.

Development is completed on the Proposal Manager application (v3) and deployed to give companies the ability to confidently present proposals to their prospects automatically and efficiently with real time data fed by their exiting ERP/MRP platform.

In the year 2013...

Design & development begins on a new user experience for the existing B-Metrics application & the new Q-Scan Labor Analytics (a web based application to support the Android mobile application).

The development and testing of the Q-Scan Android mobile application is completed and added to the GooglePlay Store.

Coldwater Technology filed provisional patent application for system apparatus and method for activity guidance and monitoring for Q-Scan.

Development is completed on the supporting web application for the patent pending application Q-Scan, to manage data collected via the Android Q-Scan mobile application.

Coldwater Technology began the re-design of their corporate website in early April 2013 and launched the newly revamped corporate website in August 2013. The new design showcases the wide range of services dedicated to Coldwater Technology customers. Based on a crisp design that flows with the mindset of Coldwater, the website offers a panorama of the company's applications that are offered to better enhance the efficiency of a company's work operation.

Design & development began on the Apple® iOS version of the patent pending application Q-Scan.

In the year 2014...

Planned release of latest version of CApps (Rx) for the cloud. Companies will now be able to run the entire suite of CApps without requiring expensive installation and support of local servers, operating systems and software.

New initiatives with the CApps Manufacturing Execution System (MES) include a tablet based shop floor scheduling tool to facilitate priority load schedules in work in process and real-time recording of material usage, production posting and labor tracking.