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CAD Parser

BoM from AutoCAD

CAD Parser is a plug-in based software utility for the AutoDesk AutoCAD® program. It compiles information from AutoCAD drawings and builds accurate, consistent and validated bill of materials (BoM) data for assembly or sub assembly manufacturing processes. While AutoCAD comes with built in BoM options, they are not comprehensive and more often than not they are inaccurate. Requiring additional labor related cost to update and validate the bill of materials (BoM) data. CAD Parser resolves those inaccuracy issues and eliminates manual errors by making the bill of materials (BoM) extraction process an automated and efficient process. It does this by allowing for drawings descriptions to be updated automatically and giving you the ability to update bill of materials (BoM) from third party inventory applications.

Additionally, CAD Parser allows for your final validated bill of materials to be exported directly into your ERP/MRP software. CAD Parser can easily and quickly integrate with these back-end systems, adding even more automation to your engineering and manufacturing processes. Having this level of integration, you can truly and accurately derive the costs of manufacturing a product and puts you in control of your profits.

Autodesk® is revered as one of the technology leaders in the world. As a partner with Autodesk, software developers are empowered to develop add-on products and services based on the world's leading design tools and technologies from Autodesk.

Being an Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) member Coldwater Technology benefits from the ability to customize existing Autodesk software to create robust plug-ins that are easily integrated with the Autodesk workflow. Coldwater Technology focuses on providing the highest quality solutions for the Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor software to assist with Bill of Materials (BoM) extraction process.

Application Preview

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Key Features

  • Plug-in based software utility
  • Automatically update drawings descriptions
  • Comprehensive & easy to use
  • Create & maintain inventory details
  • Easy integration into third party apps
  • Importing data from drawing file into plug-in
  • Layout Flexibility
  • Update Bill of Materials (BoM) descriptions from third party applications
  • Industries

    CAD Parser is designed to service the following industries:

    • Manufacturing
    • Fabrication
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace & Defense