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Data Collection

The vast majority of ERP and MRP systems do not allow for out-of-the-box automated data collection. As a result, most companies find themselves incurring additional and unnecessary development time, expenses and operational inefficiencies. Finding the right data collection partner that has the tools and proven experience integrating with existing ERP or MRP systems can be challenging and time consuming. If your company is currently seeking data collection solutions, you've come to the right place.

Coldwater Technology specializes in robust modular bolt-on applications that can be integrated, configured and deployed with your company's existing ERP or MRP system with minimal development and cost. Our custom data collection solutions will help improve your company's operations efficiency, ensure accuracy and quality of data collected in real-time by automating redundant or unnecessary manual processes. Because having accurate on-demand data at your fingertips is crucial to managing your operations, we also equip you with custom reporting solutions designed to give your company ultimate visibility and control of data collected in real-time.

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time data capture & validation
  • Data collection via mobile devices
  • Real-time visibility & reporting tools
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Paperless labor & shop floor management
  • Increased data accuracy & accessibility
  • Applications

    We offer the following applications to meet your data collection needs:


    This solution is tailored & designed to service the following industries:

    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Fabrication
    • Services