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A suite of complementary enterprise applications.

Coldwater Technology has engineered a suite of complementary applications
to enhance virtually every aspect of your company's workflow and operational processes.
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Q-Scan is a workforce management and data collection mobile application. It empowers you to manage your workforce in real-time while streamlining data and shop floor operations.



B-Metrics is at its core a business intelligence application that offers powerful business analytics and an array of business insights that is used make critical business decisions.


Proposal Manager

Proposal Manager gives you the ability to confidently present proposals to your prospects automatically and efficiently with real time data fed by your existing ERP/MRP platform.


CApps is a web-based application tailored for the manufacturing industry that allows for simplified implementations and management of manufacturing, fabrication and distribution operations.

CAD Parser

CAD Parser is a lightweight software utility that extracts bill of materials data from AutoCAD® drawings which can be imported into your company's existing MRP or ERP software platform.

Report Builder

Report Builder is a robust reporting tool designed to give your company visibility of virtually any kind of database data and is configurable based on your company's specific needs.

Coldwater Technology is your enterprise software partner.

We provide solutions to manage and utilize your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to its maximum potential. Our cutting-edge applications employ detailed design, responsive development and exceptional support. Our proprietary applications will help facilitate the flow of information within your organization from the shop floor to the boardroom all the while reducing cost, increasing productivity and maximizing revenue.

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