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Coldwater launches new corporate website

Coldwater Technology began the re-design of their corporate website in early April 2013 and launched the newly revamped corporate website on August 2013. The new design showcases the wide range of services dedicated to Coldwater Technology customers. Based on a crisp design that flows with the mindset of Coldwater, the website offers a panorama of the company's applications that are offered to better enhance the efficiency of a company's work operation.

Coldwater Technology begins development on a new version of CAD Parser

CAD Parser is a plug-in based software utility allowing AutoCAD® drawings to be seamlessly integrated into the back-end system through advanced web pages. This lightweight software utility extracts bill of materials data from AutoCAD drawings which can be imported into a company's existing MRP or ERP software platform.

Coldwater files patent for Q-Scan, a mobile workforce management and data collection application

Coldwater Technology filed a provisional patent application for system apparatus and method for activity guidance and monitoring for Q-Scan. Q-Scan was designed to give you complete visibility and effective management of your shop floor and labor operations. The features Q-Scan houses will give you the ability to streamline inefficient and manual processes, all in the palm of your hand.

The new version of CApps end-to-end solution (R11) development is completed

Development is completed on the new version (R11) of the CApps application and is successfully deployed with the various updated modules ranging from Proposal Manager (v2), Labor Reporting, Purchase Requisitions, Integration to back-end account and more. CApps web-based bolt-on application can be integrated with your existing ERP or MRP system minimizing costs and risks without replacing your existing enterprise systems.